Specializing in Design for
Conservation Organizations
(or those who think like one)

We have been working closely with environmentally oriented organizations for many years. You could say it is our passion. We are dedicated to communicating your environmental mission and enticing people to act by donating, becoming sponsors, volunteering, etc. We understand your communications is a balance between education and marketing. We understand that budgets are tight and that there is often no room for fancy “white space” liberal design. We know that you often work with grants that involve special considerations. We know you need a design firm that employs creative problem solvers. You need a design firm that considers the environment on every level without being preachy. You need a design firm that is part of your “green” team.

Here is how we can help.

Logos – you probably already have an organizational logo. However, you launch long-term projects that need their own identity. We can help you with budget-minded project logos to help your project stand out on its own and be recognizable to the public.

Events and Conferences – We can help you with the “Save the Dates” and invitations to your events, conferences and workshops. Need a tabletop display or exhibit for a conference? We can help with that, too. Event signage, prospectuses, vendor applications, giveaways-- you name it, we can design it all and hook you up with the necessary vendors to make it happen.

Newsletters - You need to keep in touch with your membership. We can provide you with professional newsletter design that keeps your membership informed.

Reports - You have completed a successful conservation study or project. What good is it if it is not effectively communicated to the community? You need to report the results. Who says a report has to be boring? We have designed publications that both educate and entertain and are more likely to wind up on the coffee table then the recycling bin.

Signs – The public needs to know about a specific effort in a community. Onsite project signs are the best way to get that done. We have designed signs for rain garden plantings, tree plantings, erosion control projects, schoolyard habitats, conservation easements, and more.

Annual reports – You need to communicate the organization’s accomplishments to your membership, donors, and sponsors. We can design your yearly roundup and financials on any budget.

Sustainability Consulting –You need a designer who can lead you through the process of producing an eco-friendly communication piece. You need to be aware of the options. Our first step is to ask ”What” and “Why?”. Then a strategy can be developed that will incorporate your communication goals in the most sustainable way possible. It could be said, “we use a tree to save a tree”. At Down to Earth Design LLC we take that to the next level. We strive to “use as few trees as possible (if any at all) to save a forest”. That is our approach to every project. Click here to learn more about our commitment.

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