Our Commitment

Down to Earth Design LLC has a mission to provide environmentally sustainable products and services to its clients. Recognizing that the printing industry is the 3rd largest polluter on the planet, Down to Earth Design LLC is committed to incorporating the needs of environmental organizations and our years of experience to create a business model of sustainable design techniques.

Our typical client has an environmental conscience of its own whether the client is an environmental non-profit, a business in green services or products industry or simply a business or organization which recognizes the need to protect the environment. The “triple bottom line” of our clients is a harmony of financial wealth, social responsibility and environmental protection. It is the goal of Down to Earth Design LLC to provide services that support and enhance our clients’ mission to sustain the environment by providing top-notch design services which will accomplish that mission.

We make a commitment to provide our clients with environment-friendly graphic design services and consulting which will be tailored to address each unique project . Consideration will be given to the financial constraints of each client. Each client will make the final decision as to what is best. We promote a “baby steps” approach which will combine our experience in design and each client’s mission.

The following are some of the factors to be considered:

Down to Earth Design LLC leads by example with our in-house eco-policies. We believe that the investment each client makes in choosing our firm will result in compelling designs and a “green team” of industry experts who share environmental values.

Our ongoing office practices include: